All of suddenyou’re forgivenwondering the mercytactics are hidden,oh my greatchild of autumnhow come you’reborn mistaken….

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My volcano is dumb

You are standing in front of me straight, Revealing every truth sluggishly thats great. I…

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one will cry,when it’s the agony,but how one can acceptnot drinking the symphony,just insideit pains,exciting…

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Strangling the naiveThreatening lifeBizarre obligationsThe manipulative survives Words werenever painfuluntil sensed truly The curse of…

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space cat

the singularitythat broughtthe peculiarity,& the full moonthat broughtblack cat on the desk,are harmonious inspace and…

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seeking moon

seeking moon,my eyes are constant,when the clouds conceal,I curse the breeze.I am possessivefrom the second…

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i am free

Winds on the powerhouseSlap through the waves,Queen of the jungleIs missing from the caves.The art…

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come back brother

The author writes about the mental stage of one being who’s at war with life….
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