space cat

the singularitythat broughtthe peculiarity,& the full moonthat broughtblack cat on the desk,are harmonious inspace and…

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The author wrote the three liners of three words to describe the nature of time….
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artwork by @Yvonne Boyd


Feeling sadfor not feeling sadThey saidaren’t you the onetimelessly glad.I madly ponderthe stardust they hadcarried…

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born in Wakanda

I can feelThe thingsmoving aroundCities turning tallerAnimals losing the groundI can see the world shatterYet…

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Wall Painting by Seth Globepainter.

Old Town

Author expresses the story of a dead town using a minimal approach & a photograph….
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morose present

Morose Present

Author writes a tiny tale about a morose present where the accepatance of art is…
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jets rebound

Bigger the dream, lesser the sleep, bigger the sin, lesser redemption. Bigger the miles, lesser…

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