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come back brother

The author writes about the mental stage of one being who’s at war with life….
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Soul sisters

It’s a cold moist afternoon. The girl is on her way to the forest. The…

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seeking moon

seeking moon,my eyes are constant,when the clouds conceal,I curse the breeze.I am possessivefrom the second…

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Artwork by @colouredshadow3

Are you in the moment?

Can youSee those trees out thereThe dense onesWith no fences aroundDo they excite youThose leavesGentle…

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we all sing

The Dec takes me to the past,when the happiness used to last,when Santa used to…

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All of suddenyou’re forgivenwondering the mercytactics are hidden,oh my greatchild of autumnhow come you’reborn mistaken….

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we are sick

when the tideswill perceiveintolerable we will divevertical intothe sea storm manifestingthe audaciousness& surfing electric what…

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yellow tickle

Dwelling amongthe starsI am singingnaked over the water.The water straightfrom the holy GangesPurifying my soulMy…

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