I was thinking about the world as company. We have more number of managers than that of inventors. More number of people discussing about the problems and very less number of people taking actions regarding. Its not a surprising reality check, that the world will suffer in pandemic for longer time hence so. When you

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My volcano is dumb

You are standing in front of me straight, Revealing every truth sluggishly thats great. I know you had no option left but wait, You are doing it unwillingly still its a dreadful theft. Your eyes are holding profound apologies for the things you hide, they can’t stare my eyes anymore knowing my broken heart died.

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Oh Winter My Winter

Its winter when the breeze makes your lungs shiver. With the warmth of blanket you are lying on bed, cuddling, you sleep. Those nights you wished to be unending, over every time, filling your heart with emotions of unfulfillness. Well its fair enough cause our breed is full of greed. The black nights, the white

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When you stand for yourself i stand for you

Beyond all the criticism and judgemental behaviours its good to breathe & claim what you feel firmly for yourself cause if you not someone else will for you for sure. I witnessed you doing that so you filled my soul with immense reverence for you. I m always proud of you. Even when no one

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Monster Silence

People tend to assert the nothing. The asserted nothing for the cruelty which is devoted under the camps of terrorism. The asserted nothing to the acceptance of humanity. The asserted nothing to not impeach. The asserted nothing for handshake of green and grey i.e. the nature & tech. The asserted nothing to the non occurring

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