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The Tatayan. The book that makes you a fan of the Tata’s. History, never as it is taught. We learn about the wars & peace from the school books, but what happens in the timeline in between? We learn about the people who brought us freedom, but what about the people who maintained the chain—the

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Lena and Roselli Gallery

2.12 am

Some people never change. But you can never live without people. The revolution in the history of homo sapiens made sure they will forever stay a social being. I still have a genuine question to ponder tho, why didn’t most of us became emotionally superior to our previous generation? Biologically we became strong with health,

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My amigo

WhatAreYou? The question that we seldom ask ourselves. Beyond ego, status, legacy, work, name & any other title, what are you? The world is relative. I agree. But pondering over the question with genuine senses of acceptance explores the path to seek eccentric values in life. Do you doubt? Ask yourself a bit more genuinely

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The Joy Of X

The language of mathematics is remarkably underrated. I remember the teacher in my school days who used to say that you can fit the entire expanding universe into the ‘x’s of mathematics. The foundation of mathematics seldom makes us wonder, as maths is no topic of fun for all. Such a brilliant piece of communication,

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Drag ~

Theoretically & practically with some physics, we can proclaim nothing is something & something is also nothing. Like assuming infinity as a proper value in mathematics, the game-changer.When we change something, something changes, newton’s law? That bold statement asserted by your class teacher, ‘for every action there’s a reaction’ strokes every time. When we change

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