Artwork by kristinem5


Covid-19 pandemic is still on, and here I am astonished by the contrast in a relative world. Pondering, wondering are pretty words. Tho the pressure can make people do things they never adored. I pose reverence for the stubborn hearts. It’s never easy to walk against the odds you know. The things around us affect […]

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My amigo

WhatAreYou? The question that we seldom ask ourselves. Beyond ego, status, legacy, work, name & any other title, what are you? The world is relative. I agree. But pondering over the question with genuine senses of acceptance explores the path to seek eccentric values in life. Do you doubt? Ask yourself a bit more genuinely

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Astronaut In Art


And when the rocks turn into dust, the millennial occurs. Who pays attention there? Nobody, it’s merely another process in the fabric of spacetime. Delusional, relative, there’re numerous handsome attributes available to describe the world, yet not a single so far, alone, is precise enough. Language has its limitations, truth. It’s often the satisfaction that

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why i wanderlust

when i questioned your saga of glory, i was pity for the side you prevail, when i questioned your series of undefeated wars, i was overwrought on the unwanted history you hide, when i questioned the devotion & reverence you achieve, i was sobbing for the deaths of your devotees. i wanderlust through you, i

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