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Some people never change. But you can never live without people. The revolution in the history of homo sapiens made sure they will forever stay a social being. I still have a genuine question to ponder tho, why didn’t most of us became emotionally superior to our previous generation? Biologically we became strong with health, …

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My amigo

WhatAreYou? The question that we seldom ask ourselves. Beyond ego, status, legacy, work, name & any other title, what are you? The world is relative. I agree. But pondering over the question with genuine senses of acceptance explores the path to seek eccentric values in life. Do you doubt? Ask yourself a bit more genuinely …

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Read yet another book called ‘flow’. Though I usually don’t prefer self-help books to read, I was pretty optimistic about the ‘flow’. Understanding human behavior & psychology, case studies & surveys that highlight the bizarre results of nature and ultimately few tips, to tackle our complex structure makes reading worth. Tho I found ‘flow’ a …

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