It’s the bloody silence that has overwhelmed my mind after watching the HBO Web Series Chernobyl. It is morose, disheartening, nasty, frightening, upsetting & terrifying. Your heart fragments into pieces, watching every dark scene one after another.Remarking my views on what happened in the soviet union will turn the post into a political one, so …

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lost power

After reading some quick facts about napoleon, It feels like he got inspiration from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.Glorious victories when you are outnumbered, using the weather condition for having an edge over enemies during battle, attacks in dark and some brilliant war tactics.Napoleon was phenomenal, but the history of Maharaj is flabbergasting yet underrated. We were …

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history, fun and structures

People defend people from past. People fall under influence of words either from elders or articles or something else. The point is we rarely know what the exact history is. The simple experiment of, “how one small thing turns into next big humor when it is passed from 100 different mouths” clearly showcases that the …

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