Well, recently I saw a Netflix documentary called “Seapiracy”. Yet another masterclass documentary from Netflix. They made documentaries a genre. Now talking about the claims made by the activists in the documentaries, terrifying. Some shots taken by the cameramen are sensitive. While the facts proclaimed in the documentary can saturate your heart with the utmost …

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Artwork by kristinem5


Covid-19 pandemic is still on, and here I am astonished by the contrast in a relative world. Pondering, wondering are pretty words. Tho the pressure can make people do things they never adored. I pose reverence for the stubborn hearts. It’s never easy to walk against the odds you know. The things around us affect …

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Lena and Roselli Gallery

2.12 am

Some people never change. But you can never live without people. The revolution in the history of homo sapiens made sure they will forever stay a social being. I still have a genuine question to ponder tho, why didn’t most of us became emotionally superior to our previous generation? Biologically we became strong with health, …

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Where are my Flying Cars?

2020 is about to end & things are mediocre for the one who seeks productivity. The plans are drastically changing, not only of individuals but also of nations & institutions as well. The predictions of 2021 are already horrible. Well, I’m not a pessimist soul, indeed I’m more an optimist, but right now just being …

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So you are a hero

The world is facing some disastrous issues right from the start of 2020. We are not just dealing with the economical, geographical, social but also the emotional losses. Every country in the world right now is dealing with some serious issues of war, land, water, animals, nature and so on. The fact that saddens me …

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