Tatayan Book


The Tatayan. The book that makes you a fan of the Tata’s. History, never as it is taught. We learn about the wars & peace from the school books, but what happens in the timeline in between? We learn about the people who brought us freedom, but what about the people who maintained the chain—the …

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Vibe’s Cool

My internship at AvanSaber Technologies Inc. got started. It’s a startup & that’s why I am kind of more excited about the work. The environment is always blazing. People over here are pretty cool. Ummm & yaa there’s also another team working from Los Angeles which co-ordinates with us. Intro stuff happened. I wished to …

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Well, I just saw an excellent video by Josh Talks, where Raghu Raman, the ex-soldier and a business analyst as well, gave a thundering 31 minutes speech on things which are not taught in the syllabus of any business school. Raghu Raman did some phenomenal observations on Indian Market. When we study the business we …

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Hard things

The first hard thing about the book is, it is primarily for the particular crowd. The crowd that adores the journey of CEO rather dreams to become one.The Ben has spoken some harsh truths about the journey of nearly every entrepreneur. Ben may slap you, may sound pessimistic but Ben wants you to hear things …

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The Shoe Dog is an exceptional autobiography of the superman behind Nike, The Phil Knight. It’s no surprise why some of the eminent’s in various industries pay respect to the Phil knight, the shoe dog.Phil itself possesses the magnificent power of storytelling, so the book holds your heart with every single sentence. There’s drama, action, …

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Just a few weeks ago I read this astonishing book, ZERO TO ONE. The author Peter Thiel is a recognized entrepreneur of silicon valley. The honorable member of the mighty gang, “The Paypal Mafias”. The gang that changed the world, we sense with organs. Everything about zero to one is eccentric. From the crazy case …

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