Well, recently I saw a Netflix documentary called “Seapiracy”. Yet another masterclass documentary from Netflix. They made documentaries a genre. Now talking about the claims made by the activists in the documentaries, terrifying. Some shots taken by the cameramen are sensitive. While the facts proclaimed in the documentary can saturate your heart with the utmost …

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So you are a hero

The world is facing some disastrous issues right from the start of 2020. We are not just dealing with the economical, geographical, social but also the emotional losses. Every country in the world right now is dealing with some serious issues of war, land, water, animals, nature and so on. The fact that saddens me …

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not enough

its good to see people coming together & striking. the climate change is real. many of them are already agreed on the fact that things went out of our control. elon musk is working on colony on mars in hope to save at least maybe some homo sapiens than that of complete extinction. people are …

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