Tatayan Book


The Tatayan. The book that makes you a fan of the Tata’s. History, never as it is taught. We learn about the wars & peace from the school books, but what happens in the timeline in between? We learn about the people who brought us freedom, but what about the people who maintained the chain—the …

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The Joy Of X

The language of mathematics is remarkably underrated. I remember the teacher in my school days who used to say that you can fit the entire expanding universe into the ‘x’s of mathematics. The foundation of mathematics seldom makes us wonder, as maths is no topic of fun for all. Such a brilliant piece of communication, …

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Ultimate Gift

A great book by the author Jim Stovall, who’s a passionate humanitarian. The book teaches the basic essence of life with an elegantly simple writing style. Jim was itself a great philanthropist that you can feel the empathy Jim posses when you keep reading on and on. Though unlike sophisticated novels, Ultimate gift ain’t any …

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To kill a Mockingbird

Recently read a timeless classic, the masterpiece in the world of literature, law and humanities. To kill a Mockingbird is a great novel, very well written by The author Harper Lee. It has taste of Old English with a disturbing story line. Childs perspective is captured elegantly using clean sentences. It’s a blockbuster film. A …

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