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A creative writer deals with the virgin, sensitive & unexplored paths. A skilled writer travels the explored path making it more appealing.   A legendary writer is both artistic and skilful. LMAO, that’s a san’s quote.  People can not even cherish the names of the writers, yet the world needs writers. Why? Content, stories, scripts, poems,

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Well, recently I saw a Netflix documentary called “Seapiracy”. Yet another masterclass documentary from Netflix. They made documentaries a genre. Now talking about the claims made by the activists in the documentaries, terrifying. Some shots taken by the cameramen are sensitive. While the facts proclaimed in the documentary can saturate your heart with the utmost

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Where are my Flying Cars?

2020 is about to end & things are mediocre for the one who seeks productivity. The plans are drastically changing, not only of individuals but also of nations & institutions as well. The predictions of 2021 are already horrible. Well, I’m not a pessimist soul, indeed I’m more an optimist, but right now just being

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Drag ~

Theoretically & practically with some physics, we can proclaim nothing is something & something is also nothing. Like assuming infinity as a proper value in mathematics, the game-changer.When we change something, something changes, newton’s law? That bold statement asserted by your class teacher, ‘for every action there’s a reaction’ strokes every time. When we change

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