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The Genius of Tanmay Bhat

Tanmay Bhat – A popular wit personality that needs no notable intro carries a little genius side that dwells in shadow. I say in shadow, as it is a side of Tanmay that only a handful of the population is aware of. A side that I believe gains him respect in the field of B2B. And that side is, being an exceptional marketer!

As a comedian, Tanmay has a great sense of studying patterns of society. Observing the minute details in our day-to-day lives and their manifestation with a sense of humour makes Tanmay’s content relatable. Thus, it has wide acceptance.

Although, till this point, there’s nothing noteworthy. Numerous comedians pose such attributes, more or less. However, what indeed distinguishes Tanmay is his Marketing Mastermind. Behind several super successful campaigns, like Cred, Lenskart etc., we can catch Tanmay Bhat’s exceptional work. It is indeed an ideal illustration for understanding the inherent beauty of branding.

Tanmay utilises his knowledge of humour in marketing in parallel to the classic advertising conventions. It is rare. Hence notable. Humour or meme, I should assert, is a strong force in the 21st century leading directly or indirectly towards the ultimate trends/actions/movements. Tanmay has a sound sense of it, which we can witness in the campaigns he runs. It was never, but now we see these social media/television Ads treading! Creating organic impressions that prevail.

Formal work background can help you understand the industry. It may help you bring success in the same. But people like Tanmay made not only mine but many’s approach towards formal education a little distinct.

To be a renowned Movie Director, having a degree in Arts isn’t mandatory. I know several people from Science & Tech Industry who are doing marvels in producing all-timers! Indeed knowledge, practical or theoretical from diverse industries can be used as a unique edge over others if utilised wisely. I believe Tanmay does the same. Showing numerous MBA holders how it is done!

The genius of Tanmay Bhat, I would indeed call him a ‘wizard of branding’. For the time being, I won’t dive deep into his work and how competently he utilises social media and trends for his cause. That will be a case study. Lol. But I hope he keeps ups the excellent work. I hope people understand the power of media and use it wisely. I hope you discover a side like Tanmay did that will bring you millions.

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  1. Absolutely agree! Tanmay Bhat’s seamless integration of humor and marketing is truly impressive. His campaigns, like Cred and Lenskart, showcase a masterful understanding of the modern digital landscape. This innovative approach serves as an inspiration for anyone looking to make their mark in the world of branding and media. Kudos to Tanmay for redefining the rules and showing us how to leverage diverse skills to create impactful campaigns!

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