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Film Review

I pondered for several hours about the approach for writing the review for the film “Everything Everywhere All At Once”. I considered it because I didn’t feel the same about the movie from the day I watched it. So here are the things which I enjoyed and things that I didn’t.

Things that I enjoyed

  1.  A fresh and tender concept. The film has unique content. It has an absurd yet fun way of storytelling. 
  2. The sounds, the music, and the VFX are all brilliant. 
  3. The film talks about many things. Note that it can be a con for people who don’t like movies at a fast pace. 
  4. The film addresses the real-world issues which people confront because of nationality. 
  5. The casting is phenomenal. All actors, the side cast, I love them now. They were brilliant from the start till the end. 
  6. The dialogues are too good. 
  7. The film will open new doors for you to think about, to imagine. 

Things that I didn’t

  1. The film somewhat became predictable for me at the end. 
  2. They could have added more technical elements in the second half. The film has a dramatic touch at the end.
  3. Lately, I have been enjoying authenticity. I adore authentic frames. However, the sudden changes in human character that led to a happy ending appeared unrealistic to me. Remember, when people change, it takes months, or years. The process is slow. Technology can change fast, but people change gradually. 

I will adore discussing it more on several aspects. However, I will stop here. Something is strange about this film. I felt about movies like Avengers, Ford vs Ferrari, Forrest Gump etc., in a certain way. That feeling is still the same. However, the film “Everything, everywhere, all at once” hits different every time. I like it. The sentiment is fuzzy and uncertain. 

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