The Boys

The Boys

“The boys” is one of the most incredible series I have ever seen. All three seasons are complete bangers. Undoubtedly I will be waiting for season 4!

I have grown up watching marvel movies and a few DC ones. They were always fascinating. They made me wonder about the globe, galaxies, and whatnot. Even in adulthood, I enjoy science fiction; however, the approach is a bit distinct now. Superheroes are supposed to save humankind from villains. A soul of the storyline in every other movie or series you will find.

Although lately, it is changed. Yes, there are villains. There are heroes. But the villains are now carrying a powerful message. A strong vision. A clear mission. Like Thanos did in Avengers or the Joker in Batman. There are many other examples, tho I will keep them to you to ponder. This transition made villains less sinful. At a juncture, it made sense why they killed the people at the top. No person is a real hero or a villain. Often when I look back and think about all those movies and series I saw, it’s not a person but a mentality, idols, greed, and ignorance who’s the villain.

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I loved “The Boys” above almost all those superhero films because it seems so natural. Authentic. Superheroes are humans. All humans have a bad side. Once this so-called wrong side is triggered, that person becomes toxic to society. It’s already a pain in the ass for police, govt, etc., to deal with these people. So what will happen if these superheroes will turn bad? A wild thought isn’t it?

The boys portray an excellent presentation of human emotions. It is a gunpoint on the head of media for always being biased and carrying misinformation for TRP. The boys are sensational regarding violence, drama, and humor. Yes, it is an Amazon Series, but certainly, it has kept a benchmark for the many out there. I am fond of good acting, and I must say these characters have done a spectacular job in the execution. They made me hate the superheroes I have loved since childhood. Indeed, me being an adult played a part in me adoring the flow, but bro!

There is a contradiction, contrast, banter, love, violence, nudity, humor, and everything you seek. There is comfort in the blood. There’s a comfort in revenge, and when you look back, you are uncertain about your own deeds. As I said, it is an authentic masterclass on how things are supposed to be when there are few among us with supernatural abilities.

Make sure you watch the boys and witness the greatness. It is highly recommended! However stay away from “The Boys” if you are soft hearted.



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