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It’s been a while since I wrote anything here. Not like I have left writing now, but I am indeed writing all my new tiny tales and poems digitally in a doc. At this time I don’t have a plan to write an e-Book but not sure if that is the ultimate destiny.

Recently I have been to Pune as well which made me realize a bit more about the human side of me. Not expressing any form of gratitude but it’s amazing to see time move. Mancity is about to face Real Madrid in Knockouts for finales and I’m excited already.

Planning some good content to post here from time to time. Anyways, it’s Saturday, got time to do this so I am typing here but I wonder how Sansdesk will move in coming years. There are so many thoughts on going right now but let’s pen it in a good manner.

Stay tuned and a noice day.

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