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Dialogue between Maleena and Kunal – II

In the conversation below, ‘M’ denotes “Maleena” & ‘K’ denotes “Kunal”. Both characters met each other in part one. Here’s the link. They are friends now & they meet each other occasionally to talk, relax & share silence. Let’s take a look at what they are talking about today.

K: What’s the point of using the word ‘seldom’ if the word ‘rare’ literally exists?

M: Maybe, I know. It’s Simple.

K: What?

M: You can’t have the same food every day; you can’t speak the exact words every time.

K: Are you being serious?

(Maleena sighs & gently looks at the face of Kunal while Kunal is glancing at the blue sky in mild frustration as he feels Maleena is not taking the question seriously.)

M: Okay, tell me, how many English speakers use the word ‘Seldom’?

(Kunal turning his face towards Maleena.)

K: Umm, relatively a very few?

M: Correct, Now point me, who are these people?

K: Maybe the ones who are good at Language.

M: Most certainly, you better know what people do when they strengthen their vocabulary, don’t you?

K: I know, I know. Anyways, I might not be having the same food every day, but I smoke the same cigarettes every time, you know.
(Laughing gradually)

M: You too can boast vocabulary skills, but you never do that; why so?

K: Well, I prefer the vocabulary manifestation in my poetry. Not every time, every day, everywhere. It is stupid.

M: True, man! It is foolish to tell an artist outside Jahangir art gallery, who’s selling his paintings by streets, that Sir, your paintings portray an eclectic impression. Yes, you did a great job in elegant communication but wait? The guy on the other end didn’t understand. Where’s communication?

(Kunal laughing gently)
K: You got my point, loud & clear. Let’s say now you have a language barrier with local languages. Just say the word beautiful, and it will create wonders, even in the current example you gave.

M: I know, right! You know Kunal chuck these scenarios; I even prefer telling ‘fuck off’ over ‘you’re bothering me’ or ‘please smooth your approach’. I mean, like, get the work done man, Language next!

K: Yes! Language next, expressions first. Do communications over absurd speeches.

M: I guess seldom those do…

K: Oh, shut up!

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