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Dialogue between Maleena and Kunal

In the conversation below, ‘M’ denotes “Maleena” & ‘K’ denotes “Kunal”. Both are strangers to each other & lost. They met near a seashore. Looking to find someone to share silence with, Maleena finds Kunal seated on the beach away from the crowd. She catches the identical vibes around him & the coversation takes place.

M: Sitting alone, eh?
K: Um-hmm. Looking for silence. What about you?
M: Well, I am looking for someone who’s looking for silence. So, may I join?
K: (sighs) Free country…

For the next 20 minutes, they don’t talk with each other. Both are lost. Watching sunset near seashore.
(Now Kunal wants to smoke a cigarette)

K: Mind if I lit?
(Maleena breaking from her thoughts)
M: Pardon?
K: Mind if I smoke?
M: Sure thing, mate! You know, free country.
(Kunal does a gentle smile)

K: You see those sunny people?
M: Ya…
K: What do you think?
M: Umm, they are good. Happy with life. Good for children. Good for society.
(Again, a tiny curve on Kunal’s face emerges & he takes a puff from his black cigarette)

K: Yeah yeah. Good for society. You see those couples holding hands together like there’s no tomorrow, what do you think?
M: Lots of love. Maybe eternal stuff. So much kindness in the world, empathy, better temperament a cheerful life.
K: Sure thing. Something that everyone seeks at the end. Now, look at me. What do you think?
M: I see me. Aloof, broken yet calm. Inhaling somber air unbothered and drinking lives of people unfiltered.
K: So what’s better, hmm? Us or those people out there who are happy, naive & god knows what more.
M: Maybe you know the answer?

K: Perhaps it is not what you believe. I ain’t any random broke passerby sitting here to suck peace out that bloody sun whose gonna repeat what he does every day. The world is kind & already a happy place for these people. They hope as they breathe. Unknowingly & freely. But for us? People like us are mad. These people see the world in colors, flowers & misery too, but we? For us, the world is just naked. Real & clear. We sense happy people as happy, sad as sad. We know how hard it is to hope. We know, that there are people eventually becoming satisfied from this broken phase, but I am not one of them. Do you understand? I want it. I seek it. I embrace it. More of it & still less for me. I can stay broke my whole life. Do you know why?

(Maleena lost in the eyes of Kunal)
K: Because it helps me write poetry. Poetry is good.

(Kunal takes the longest puff possible & looks at fully set sun releasing smoke in the air)
K: Poetry is good.

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