Tea cup, Some Inner Reflection

Some Inner Reflections

When I was a child, I never relished things to be distinct. I sought things to make me feel like my home. An act of comfort-seeking like we all do. I remember the plan to stay away from my home always made me uncomfortable. It was unpleasant.

Things are varied now. Indeed polar opposite. Now when I witness my surroundings, unique, not just its architecture but its foundation. It pushes me to ponder its origin, leading me to believe that every other place has a soul indeed.

Those rays falling across leaves and curtains, I am mad for them. However, it is not just the macro element in my life that excite me. There is even joy in the design of the teacups people use at home. I wonder what would be the story behind it if it exist, if not, then I contemplate the cup’s design & the approach. It navigates me to some paths of geographical evolution & growth of a specific culture. Joyful journey.

I am changed. I may look a bit isolated, but I am the most surrounded. Surrounded with things that can talk if you desire to listen.

Yeah, authoring about myself is a seldom act I undergo but you know, you should know yourself better, to know the world later. I dodge giving pieces of advice because they suck. I believe that all lives are unique, so it’s stupid to follow paths crafted by people with judgements developed by living a different life than you did.

I want you to explore.
Good stuff. Happy exploring.


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