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A creative writer deals with the virgin, sensitive & unexplored paths.

A skilled writer travels the explored path making it more appealing.  

A legendary writer is both artistic and skilful.

LMAO, that’s a san’s quote. 

People can not even cherish the names of the writers, yet the world needs writers. Why? Content, stories, scripts, poems, literature and here the list originated. It ends with creating insane influence we can seldom think of. 

Because writers write. They do not care what people want as they know what people need. Today or tomorrow. Not tomorrow, maybe in the past? You never know.    

Because writers write. They seek inspiration from each other. They make each other better. They never really boast about the vocabulary they have. The flow is natural. Mellifluous.

Are the writers underrated? Yes. The films that you adore or the web series that hit you hard. You are thrilled. But do you know who wrote the storyline? Do you even care? No. Well, The majority of us don’t. It ain’t a bad thing. Chill. 

Writers are underrated because writing is a primary skill. Few sets of words. A very dwarf sense of sentence framing & boom, now you can write! So you are now a writer? Maybe yes, perhaps no. 

Observation skills, word choices, grammar, metaphors, indirect references, creativity, simplicity, engagement, emotional delivery, I guess there are numerous attributes writers control, that distinguish them as an artist. It is like Sachin Tendulkar distinguish himself from any random athlete who knows how to bat.

Anyways. So what’s the conclusion? Well, there is none. Not all the write-ups have one. Not all the write-ups are meant to deliver you a well-baked output. 

Some write-ups are just like, you know, raw input. You need to cook so you can find your outcome. Seldom, there is none. Yet nothing matters as long as you enjoy the words. Just the way I’m enjoying writing this up. 

Happy searching. 

Have a good day. 

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