Well, recently I saw a Netflix documentary called “Seapiracy”. Yet another masterclass documentary from Netflix. They made documentaries a genre. Now talking about the claims made by the activists in the documentaries, terrifying. Some shots taken by the cameramen are sensitive. While the facts proclaimed in the documentary can saturate your heart with the utmost sorrow.

Oceana Calls President Biden's Initial Actions on Climate “Hope for Our  Oceans” | Business Wire

I was aware of the side effects of bycatching and overfishing happening in the world. So initially, everything sounded familiar. Like yeah, I knew the stuff showcased. What’s new?

The sea pollution. I know, we all know, was happening all around the globe tho it wasn’t enough for the so-called activists to bring their critical time & attention to it. Maybe the fish reproduction rate, lack of sympathy for marine life, gave birth to the misery of the oceans.

Indeed it was the next half of the series that made my eyebrows go up often. It was ruthless. Way cruel. I never in my life imagined the fishing industry is so corrupt that even in today’s date, human slavery is real. Being an Indian, I never heard about what sustainable fishing is, but when I saw the marketing mantra behind it, I was broke. At this point, I don’t know whether all those claims are authentic, but I am so sure that most of them are. The picture of reality is saddening if we assumed the selfish approach will continue. But there’s still time. We can create the difference. Being Konkani, fishes are an important part of our life, but if they are killing innocent souls for them, how am I going to eat them? I can’t.

I will look into this matter as I will get the time. Before proclaiming any strong statement, I will now read about the experiences of genuine people online. It’s hard to find genuine data nowadays because everything has become deceiving. It’s always all those small things in our lives that create huge differences out there. The more we educate ourselves, the more clear picture we can paint of the world. So taking actions becomes easier afterwards.

S. Korea's Pet Fish Market to Grow 35 pct by 2025 | Be Korea-savvy

A few months ago, I returned my pet fishes to the owner. I don’t support pet fishing anymore. The reason? The research has successfully proven that fishes can feel like us, think like us. They are so similar to us than we can imagine. Under such circumstances keeping them in the tanks of few meters as decorative stuff of home is evil. Even as mental therapy, selfish. They deserve life the way they want to live. I felt guilty so decided to not support it anymore.

Today you might feel I am exaggerating on this stuff, but it’s our habit to blame ourselves after the catastrophe, which we knew can happen. Note it 90% of carbon on the planet is absorbed by the living things in the sea. And everyday sea stuff is vanishing in an amount equivalent to 4300 football fields per minute. I appeal to you all to please stop using plastic wherever you can. Take some selfless actions. The world gives us a lot every second let’s just give her some back, gratitude.

Until I verify every fact & rumor about the series, I am not eating any fish anymore. Things are bad but still not worse. We always have a chance to make the world better every day. I will try. I hope you too.

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