Lena and Roselli Gallery

2.12 am

Some people never change. But you can never live without people. The revolution in the history of homo sapiens made sure they will forever stay a social being. I still have a genuine question to ponder tho, why didn’t most of us became emotionally superior to our previous generation?

Biologically we became strong with health, then why not mentally? Well, no topic of fun, but it is affecting the majority of the crowd out there. I guess the lack of definition of mind could be a reason. We don’t know what it is neither those scary neuroscientists. I hope we configure it soon before Elon Conquering our brains.

People have their exclusive techniques to deal with their disturbed minds. I often prefer to write to deal with it, lmao and guess what, I got some good content to post this coming week. Anyways. If you are feeling low & depressed, not asserting here to come to me. I am terrible at advising but do seek help. Until we find a way to revolutionize our mind.

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