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my update

The hype in cryptocurrency is real. Looking forward to investing tho I reckon learning is a must. No, I am not doing it because I am jobless, but I believe we all are the most educated generation the world has ever seen. Under such circumstances, we all should have an idea of different financial assets.

Financial literature is highly underrated. I feel we all should learn about investing & financial assets. Thus, collectively we can profoundly contribute to society. Indeed critically to our family first.
Let’s see, the only plan right now is to learn about the basics of the share market, upcoming trading platforms & assets.
Sansdesk transmuted into one literature website. Kudos to the lockdown. I am grateful tho, as people adored the content. Aesthetically also it brought artistic shades to my blog.

I look back in time & the sansdesk has been changed a lot right from the beginning till date. I don’t know what kind of content I might publish near future. The ultimate plan is to keep it alive and let it flow with my life.
Thanks for being here. I hope my desk brought something to your life. If not, maybe one day. Till that day let’s support each other & grow together. I am trying. I hope you too are. May the force be with you. Good Day.

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