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Sparrow Day ?

Do you remember the last time you saw one sparrow in your surrounding? If you’re from urban, you better wish you saw one! It feels strange to miss a bird. Like they were in dozens yesterday & today we celebrate the day in their honour to raise awareness? I bet most of the population don’t even care, neither about the day or birds. Our priorities are straight & frightening. Today we are celebrating their day. I hope tomorrow we won’t preserve their last species in some animal care or zoos, whatever. I ain’t any pessimistic soul, nothing like 2.0’s gonna happen here. But actions do have their consequences. Maybe like a butterfly effect, but it will take place.
I appeal trough my blog to all you guys, please pay attention to flora and fauna. Keep the water feeders and grains near/outside your house. We don’t want a dead city. Right?
Sparrows can still fly home to us.

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