The Joy Of X

The Joy of x — Steven Strogatz

The language of mathematics is remarkably underrated. I remember the teacher in my school days who used to say that you can fit the entire expanding universe into the ‘x’s of mathematics. The foundation of mathematics seldom makes us wonder, as maths is no topic of fun for all. Such a brilliant piece of communication, but sadly it’s a rare joy for the rare of us. Mathematics’s like Nolan’s love, not only transcends space and time but stays inside out.

Always being more fascinated with physics, I found it’s incomplete without the contribution of mathematics. Unfortunately, it’s a curse and boon. The world is so astonishing that it often drags people inside, penetrating reality. We declare such people slow. A similar kind of scenario happens with the ones who are immersed deep into the literature. I am saying, it’s a curse and boon. You experience something rare of us do, but at the same time, you stop experiencing nearly what everyone often does.

Understanding the world, in an aspect of the law is good, but practically when you see the numbers running like the blood flows through our veins and arteries, the heart of maths starting beating inside your chest. The neurons in our brain are inventive I reckon, eventually crafting all the marvels. Every time I see those movies featuring mathematicians, I see the joy, The joy of x. If you have found one, for the sake of mother earth, stay the same. Society bends. Bend it like Beckham. Stay curious!

( The title for the post actually came from the book name. The joy of x is written by Steven Strogatz who’s the one featuring in the picture above. The book got good reviews on the internet, I might read it one day. )

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