Help Paradox

Gary V says 100 posts a day. Are you high brother? Engagement is fine, but what you want is to spam the creativity. That’s inhuman buddy. More precisely the execution of the so-called art machine if it exists. I respect the enthusiasm of motivational speakers, they often bend air with the voice of thunder. But man there are always things like logic, probabilities & wisdom. I ain’t any internet intellectual but just seeking some senses, common one. Giving people what they want, come on cunt! Suggestion on everything, motivation before sleeping, books for personality, games for mentality, everyone’s a whore grace, we just sell different parts of ourselves. Loops are dreadful. Make sure you are not playing for someone else, as they want you more than you think. They are not villains tho. They are experts. They do help, but I proclaim this dilemma using the term, “HELP PARADOX”. Hmm, I hope you got it. Good day.

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