Tired of boring content, I mean lectures, I mean whatever. Boring is a feeling. The feeling of ‘you wasting your time’. Just like right now, when you are wasting your time reading something that has no conclusion. I wrote this cause I was bored. You came here with expectations I can’t comprehend, but I am sorry. You can check some other content, maybe you will like it, maybe you won’t, but please stop reading this, it has no meaning.
So I was saying that this boring feeling makes time fast and slow. Haha! Schrodinger’s Cat, I am dead & alive. Uncertain principles, lost in an uncertain world, where uncertain humans are feeling uncertain. Why is that? Why do we feel? Okay now don’t tell me any shitty metaphor, actually why will you tell me? You are not reading this still yet, aren’t you? Oh, Lord Vishnu! How come you are so jobless? I told you right I am typing something that makes no sense, no conclusion, then why are you still here? Kyaa aaap bohot akele hai? Are you feeling lonely buddy?
So the problems I have with metaphors is that they aren’t straightforward. Guys, the world is enough complex, why to make it more complex then? Lol, I am saying this after writing a lot of posts that were, absolutely not straight forward. Too tricky to grasp. Contradiction babu, contradiction! You know it’s just the boring feeling that’s seducing me to do this, otherwise, the water’s under the bridge. I have some good posts lined up but still, I am typing this & I don’t know why. I am seeking perseverance. Okay, again no sense but who cares. Now I’ll re-read this post, will do some proofreading, will try using some cool words so I can make it look exceptional, well I just try okay, success-failure, who cares? Okay, now I am laughing while typing this, I don’t know why. Tho it was fun. You actually read it till here, don’t you? Wow. Thank you. I love you. I hope my blog and upcoming posts will bring new perspectives to your life. Stay curious. Stay safe.

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