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I think… if it is true that

there are as many minds as there

are heads, then there are as many

kinds of love as there are hearts.

in Anna karnina, by Tolstoy

Near past, I read some fruitful stories of a man of wisdom, Leo Tolstoy. The Jaico publication published this sweet book that tastes more like poetry. “Greatest Short Stories Of Leo Tolstoy” is a package of stories that taught primarily the sense of carrying love in your heart regardless of any circumstance.
The book lacks the action stuff, yet the sentence framing is extremely delightful, that the book reading becomes peaceful. The language, genre, description & ode makes the book, a perfect bedtime partner. I can’t recall the number of instances, the book put a little smile on my face.
Stories are short yet simple, so the book is. Tolstoy asserts in the preface of the book that, the future is poetry & the small stuff. Alike transportation, people will utilize & prefer, quick forms of entertainment. Considering the success of Tik-Tok, I reckon it is turning true. But at the same time, Tolstoy writes further that, though short tales hold notably strong moral, it is easy to neglect it. Indeed all the exceptional work of short stories ain’t recognized widely. Although there are various psychological reasons behind, the point here is, that short tales read with catching details can make you an eminent storyteller.
Coming back to the book, it is worth reading once. It ain’t any highly recommended novel but a great bedtime book. I read it every day before sleeping at night & it was a pleasing experience.
The sweetness of stories, the culture of the 1800s, the adventure of people across islands & countries, glimpses of Old English, makes the book a good read.
Simple things are rare & powerful. The Tolstoy’s short stories will make you aware about these simple things, in simple language.
The book is my sweet recommendation for the light readers out there.

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