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The masterclass & complex. The emotional epic for the physics enthusiast. The remarkable journey of the Protagonist. The mind-boggling art. The brain cracker.
From paradoxes to the theories of the universe, Tenet shows absolute class in execution. Usually, the reviewers proclaim the term as ‘poetry in motion’ for the flawless execution of the act, but the tenet on the other dimension is, the dance of science.
You keep track on every aspect, you try to comprehend every frame appearing on screen, that builds a feeling of excitement in your mind, & there comes a moment you surrender. You stop pushing hard. You begin feeling it. Well, according to my suggestion, a personal one, stretch it as much as you can. Dive deep and then surrender yourself to the art of Nolan.
Every conversation, every scene is finely crafted considering the future, the past & present. The last scenes of Tenet are so dope that Nolan literally asserts here implicitly that, these is only Nolan Stuff. Playing with entropy, space & time, Nolan never forgets to put a little touch of love. The importance of using the real plane to crash in the movie is totally worth, once when you experience the timelines portrayed in the film.

What’s Happened, Happened, It’s An Expression Of Faith In The Mechanics Of The World, It’s Not An Excuse For Doing Nothing.

Kudos to the team.
Kudos to the actors.
Reverence for Nolan.

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