Where are my Flying Cars?

2020 is about to end & things are mediocre for the one who seeks productivity. The plans are drastically changing, not only of individuals but also of nations & institutions as well. The predictions of 2021 are already horrible. Well, I’m not a pessimist soul, indeed I’m more an optimist, but right now just being more realist.
The dirty politics with the current flow can break the entire planet. The social media has already made the most of minds vulnerable. Climate change is real and consistent. The racism is alive, the discrimination, sadly, still survives. The time traveller from 2000s will surely be flabbergasted, as there is no real progress in humanity in any particular field, besides computer technology.
The people of nearly every nation suffered during lockdowns. Millions of people are dead, still dying. Death feels like ‘new common’ these days. In various sectors, including child mortality & polio, the human race did exceptional work, the vertical line in the graph, progress. The past years made the communications stronger, but it never nourished humanity emotionally. It is making human more sluggish & impatient, indeed.
Countries like the USA are dealing with depression & strikes, whereas countries like India still ache from providing basic needs to the country fellows. It’s no surprise here to read a piece of news like “A VILLAGE BOY COMMITTED SUICIDE AS HE HAD NO SMARTPHONE TO ATTEND ONLINE LECTURES.” It is all morose, yet real.
At any random instance, I turn my television on to watch the news & I don’t feel any progress towards a better future. I can only feel the mess spreading, over the greed of money & power. People take actions, seldomly even strikes happen at the national level, tho after some months you feel no difference. You see the growth nowhere and boom, the history is repeating as it is supposed to.

Elon Musk Smoking Weed Meme

There’s a lot, but the issue is, there are only a few.

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