Air of Motivation

Well a lot of my chums are already surfing in so called wave of ‘being self made person’. The attraction towards business is vertically linear I reckon. Tho, it’s lock-down out there, people with wild dreams always seem unbeatable. Well I am not really in mood to express my deep feelings towards the difference between business, entrepreneurship & being self made but, in total zone to motivate them all. First of all, I am proud of all this fellas who stand out for themselves. These people literally make world a better place to live.

The twenties is generally an ideal age to stand for the vision you believe in. You have really less to loose compared to your thirties, forties and fifties. Again, sixties is also an ideal age to start, otherwise how could we have KFC! Well basically there’s no number restriction when it comes to business, entrepreneurship, or whatever you do, unorthodox. These odds are just reports of all those psycho analysts trying to predict future. Unfortunately, they don’t have any measure to count your determination & madness. Don’t settle. This is to all the youths, the citizens, the senior citizens out there. Make it count. People like me always believe in you.

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