Drag ~

Theoretically & practically with some physics, we can proclaim nothing is something & something is also nothing. Like assuming infinity as a proper value in mathematics, the game-changer.
When we change something, something changes, newton’s law? That bold statement asserted by your class teacher, ‘for every action there’s a reaction’ strokes every time. When we change nothing, nothing will change too. That’s how nothing and something is similar to the action of change taking place in both cases. But the words deceive. When I was wondering about the appearance of the entire world(something) from absolute zero(nothing), I came across these two interesting words of English. Think about it, the word “nothing” is interesting, not just in physics but also in psychology and even our daily conversation.
If we say something is the presence of mater and nothing is the absence of it, the matter is made up of atoms that are 99% empty. 99% of the atoms area is vacant means it holds nothing. Again what is this nothing that eventually forms a structure in harmony?
Thoughts are atom-less yet something, according to the definition, I found one contradiction. Such a drag.

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