I was thinking about the world as company.

We have more number of managers than that of inventors. More number of people discussing about the problems and very less number of people taking actions regarding. Its not a surprising reality check, that the world will suffer in pandemic for longer time hence so. When you follow the critics you understand that simple philosophies in world, are most toughest to accept in harmony. The clashes of matter & antimatter seems inevitable, but rare. Just like the people taking stand against this unfair structure. This rules which are directly proposed to the consumption of time, ain’t need anymore.

I posted in my earlier articles that it’s loathe getting arose in myself when I witness the selfishness getting nurture.l The chaos we formed together is so ugly that some souls find the isolation as bliss.

Media talks, press conferences are all raising the issues regarding the irresponsible statements & dying life. But it fails to show the successful attempts happening overall. Indeed because they are not happening. We have people & governments with solid money power, still yet that power has been failed miserably. Neither we were concerned about the hygiene nor nature, so we pay each and every penny now to survive, cursed. We are collectively failed as humanity. We call ourselves smartest among all the species yet we lack basic senses.

We have more number of people managing finance & state with less number of people actually involved in creating goods and services.

When I think about the world as company, When I want it to be fortunes best, I see the managers sleeping, With workers wages less.

When I think of the world as company, When I want it to be the fortunes best, I see the policies of corruption, Skip the sage it ain’t even progress.

I am at the point in company, Unable to move without restrictions, I am the worker of company, Leading the time to extinction.

This is modern era. You’re supposed to think and behave in world with compassion. Rigidity results in poor surroundings. But we are just concerned with our life of four walls. That’s the matter of our upbringing. We are often woven with thoughts that comfort our culture, our life. The conventional ideas leads to a world of hatred & selfishness. The world that becomes numb when it thinks of world.

Shadows of devil are so visible. Its we, feeling helpful just because of our conventional structure. We deny to rearrange our denials, they are our mind feeders than those independent thoughts of reality, we are supposed to seek with no filters. We read. We think. But we never act. We troll old relations but feel insecure to break conventional approaches to live life with change. Our comfort lies in hiding our dirt but deep down we feel incomplete afterwards.

Considering our manpower & brain ability we are far behind than those parallel ones if they may exist. Even use of this may and may not brings me the disappointments. This company is not us. We are part of it. We feel incapabel. We feel lost so we try to consume the company than that of working for it. The structure of the company demand same from you.

Keep them poor!?

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