Reloading Rifles

Reference – Combat scenes of 1917
Agenda- Art of battle
Elements – Guns, swords & skills
Attribute – Elegance
Object – Humans

We are falling reverse into the history of Homo sapiens, when the covetous man child was dealing with wars. With the curse of ugly vampire, when he was making strategies to suck the blood out of enemies. It was kratos who showered the blessings over the tents of mettlesome soldiers. It was an era when the faith over the leaders’ morality was resolute. Yes, it’s the passage formed in midst of 18th and 19th century. It was the passage when the devil took pity on the happening act of colonialism.

In midst of this era, the rifles were invented. At that time, this invention was a powerful form of gun, crafted with the vision of stability, accuracy & thrust. Human death was the only objective of this deadly machine. People were training hardcore, day and night. The platoons were literally formed with soldiers of lion-heart. Initially these guns were designed with a beautiful sword attached to its front end. This sword had a very dwarf curve than that of those used in battles of Indian Wars. Swords of rifles were straight for the purpose of comfortable instant kill in the situation of close combats.

It’s pretty obvious to grasp, that rifles of this old passage were heavier than today. The swift actions of combat with modern rifles hence seem pretty clean & smooth. But those vintage rifles, those vintage rifles possessed elegance. On every bullet shot you’re supposed to reload it for the successive fire. The modern rifles are charming with their ability of semi auto and automatic gunfire with a buttery trigger. On the other hand the vintage reloading rifles were elegant with spectacular skills of combatant, they literally had blessings of kratos in the art of war.

It’s Wednesday. The day is surprisingly dull. The bright positive sun-rays are finding it difficult to taste the land of mother earth. Clouds are guarding the green surface of earth like never before. Soliders in the jungle are returning back to the camp with a successful win over the enemies. The delighted platoon kept the harmonious walk making their way out of the mist. Birds are chirping the tone of victory but the platoon is still conscious. There’s one mighty eagle flying over the green mountain showcasing the grace of freedom. Those eyes of eagle spot the platoon which is heading straight in trap of enemies. But it was an eagle. A hungry bird so it changed the direction over the surface of sad lake, lying to the right next corner of the green mountain.

The platoon is now trapped. Enemies are everywhere, every side. Birds ain’t chirping anymore. All rifles are in action now. The swords lying in front of those rifles are hungry for the heart blood. It’s year 1896. The soothing sounds of mini waterfalls are suddenly taken over by the gunfires & man cry. For every shot that the soliders take, they make sure that it’s accurate. Otherwise the reloading time is nothing but a gift to the enemy. The reloading, is the time of showcasing your art of defence and agility. The reloading, is the time of showcasing your art of defenestrating the enemies’ agility. The man child is running in bushes. Hiding behind trees. One solider with a tiny figure just took a headshot just after slashing out the flock of leaves. He reloaded the gun next instance and shot the other one hiding on a tree, shameful. In the next period of reloading, he heard a wild running behind his back, he turned around with grace and slashed the sword of rifle straight into the heart of the enemy clearing the entire sector.

This is art. Art of reloading rifles flashes only when the body of combatant and rifle becomes one. But when it flashes it’s the masterpiece of war. Those were the days.

Those were the days.

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