Parallel Reflections – Part I

You sit calm. Absolutely in a peaceful state, just like a hindu cow. All your surroundings, lost in harmonious shades, are majestically comforting you. The mellifluous voices around you are relaxing your brain nerves one by one, sluggishly. Your life has become a joyous melody, like a happy American pop. You are reminiscing. You see yourself experimenting with yourself. There you see yourself grow. Everything seems near perfect and there, there you are slapped with an unknown reality, untampered, that excites your unknown state which was willingly unconscious, still yet, tho not anymore.

The dazzling days of your life are all of a sudden turned into the one worst nightmare, you never were ready to deal with. The next instance you are defenestrated into a landless world where you surprisingly start to float, with being able to move around. The colossally structured African elephants swimming skill-fully in deep waters now make sense to you. Floating all over in the lands of nowhere, you are thrashed with a divinely surface that reflects your own light back to you, the mirror. The mirror you always thought is a truth reflector was also a lie seeker. There were things happening in your life your brain ignored with a legacy of not making them reach to the conscious you. Mirror was seeking them straight out from your head when you were standing in front of him, so self obsessed. Sadly thats how you suck.

Whatever happens here, is happend. It ain’t deja vu tho it may force you to believe so. It indeed is nothing but the transcending art of the timeless artist. The self obsession and square thinking leads us to follow the patterns, the patterns which those rich designers wants us to follow. Break them. Tear it all apart. Seek the parallel reflections. Your eyes are capable for them. When you tune your mind to figure out the flow, your own perception of reality becomes charmer with a glow. Underline the words you feel which skeptical are, and thats the moment you become the sherlock homes, connecting threads on walls, hovering over the events that make you feel awestruck by the abstracts dance of reality.

You can feel the chronology. How the random events happening so far from each other effect each other regardless of time & space. The real beauty is where you are showered with the bizarre realisation of how it is end, every single time at you and yourself only. Just like this.

Just like this

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