My volcano is dumb

You are standing in front of me straight, Revealing every truth sluggishly thats great. I know you had no option left but wait, You are doing it unwillingly still its a dreadful theft.

Your eyes are holding profound apologies for the things you hide, they can’t stare my eyes anymore knowing my broken heart died. Your character remained untainted tho it lied. You know its me whose emotions down-fully slide.

You know you messed it up all wrong & now you want me to listen those song, we hated equally all along. You’ve shown me the place where we really belong & now you’re gone, you’re gone.

You are treating me like a stranger, forgetting i was your ranger, you think you are the god that will avoid me from the danger.

You’ve shattered me from within, i m writing on a paper without ink, now you want me to be sailor that win but darling i am the brown wild ship that sink.

You knew when you will start, i will start falling apart, your every word was a dart, darling does you really have any heart?

You knew your friendship was of greed, you knew your actions will make me bleed, still you chose to nurture my growing love seed, you’re devil monster with a pre planned deed.

You want me scold you, but those were the days when i hold you, when fearlessly i told you then dashingly behold you, holy shit how much i loved you.

You want me to share the pain, but its not the two players game, you want to me forget your name but you never knew it flows through my every vein.

You brought him in front of me, conveyed how the magical time flee, i smiled figuring out my mind is becoming numb, you knew you had the power to make my volcano dumb.

Yes my volcano is dumb.


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