So you are a hero

The world is facing some disastrous issues right from the start of 2020. We are not just dealing with the economical, geographical, social but also the emotional losses. Every country in the world right now is dealing with some serious issues of war, land, water, animals, nature and so on. The fact that saddens me is the involvement of people contributing their time for the good of all. When i turn on the twitter, every next day i came across with random and serious issues happening all over the world. This issues become neutral with either changing dates or honest efforts or sometimes both. I accept people are changing but we need more strength to tackle the newly arose almighty powers of nature. We flooded it, we polluted it, its a fact. But from now onwards we all should start working for a cause to make the current awful nature the world only appear in the pages of History!

Harmony is important in an alive world undergoing rigid steps of changes. So i appeal to all you guys out there to live for the beyond and not your four wall. Celebrate your festival harder & with more people this time, it will strengthen the bond of societies ultimately. Make sure to celebrate each one of it with green way and a great message. We are alive this days due to some few superheroes alive on planet who are taking handsome actions, spreading awareness on global scale. We often never know them but live happily just because of them. This people are not always great rich souls. They are everywhere, the hospital, the ngo, the next street or maybe your to your next flat. Find such people. Be grateful & Thank them for being selfless in a selfish world. Be like them, better.

Make things happen.

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