Oh Winter My Winter

for the flora and fauna

Its winter when the breeze makes your lungs shiver. With the warmth of blanket you are lying on bed, cuddling, you sleep. Those nights you wished to be unending, over every time, filling your heart with emotions of unfulfillness. Well its fair enough cause our breed is full of greed. The black nights, the white stars, the golden dreams & fainting scars. All those memories you cherished once upon a time as the blemishes in your life are all of a sudden turned pink. Beautiful. You are in a perfect harmony with nature. Those introverts can’t feel any better any-day than now. Their life has a separate section of reverence for the lord for gifting mankind with such sluggish cold days. People talk less. Often the nights are insanely dumb. Peaceful isn’t it.

I m but still wondering. The guy sleeping near the footpath is still a human dying with every another wind of khione. Her rage is inevitable. When the goddess of snow showers her blazing flow, the guy died as usual in the name of sins washing away, yes I m skeptical about the redemption. We are old human bodies with new inhumanity. We are the species absolutely full of hatred. But at the same time we also pose colossal love, protective care & sympathy. I still believe its less, because in majority cases its never really distributed but often obsessed with our dear ones. The family. Winter isn’t deadly but our ignorance is. Roads never really killed any passerby it was always ignorance of either one. When i think of all those hearts, sleeping outside in winter with improper coverings I can clearly showcase the ignorance, our collective ignorance. We failed as a society in a era where people are living with the almighty electricity but no shelter. We collectively bargain for the liberty but never really celebrate it the way it is supposed to. We admire the ideals of philanthropist but act rarely to promote or indeed perform the philanthropy. Winter may glorify the art of nature but the art of empathy you lack has to outshine. Feed the hungry stomachs. Donate the old sheets. I am not worthy to portray the pain of lonely mother having two heartbeats. Like you do, she too deserves the pleasure of cold nights. Its winter my fella forget the corruption & stop criticising the poor rights.

Oh winter my winter, so pleasant you are! Oh winter my winter, so pleasant you are!

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