When you stand for yourself i stand for you

Beyond all the criticism and judgemental behaviours its good to breathe & claim what you feel firmly for yourself cause if you not someone else will for you for sure. I witnessed you doing that so you filled my soul with immense reverence for you. I m always proud of you. Even when no one else. Yes I wrote it for you. I saw them crushing your morale with thrashing peer power. I saw your helpless fall so i m here to pick you up. Defenestrate your scepticism on me. I m here for you & Always🍁

I’m the sluggish wind
Dancing in the cloud
I’m the dwarf seed
Sprouting in the ground

I’m the white sun
Burning in the middle
I’m the languid moon
Sometimes tho hidden

I m the water the fire the soul
The thunder the haze the gold
The wonder the life you hold
I m the water the fire the soul

Everywhere i bloom ✨

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