Monster Silence

People tend to assert the nothing. The asserted nothing for the cruelty which is devoted under the camps of terrorism. The asserted nothing to the acceptance of humanity. The asserted nothing to not impeach. The asserted nothing for handshake of green and grey i.e. the nature & tech. The asserted nothing to the non occurring growth of self. The asserted nothing for the countless cases hiding under the media shades. The asserted nothing for the asserted nothing. The asserted nothing is silence and is Proclaimed as peace.

But the silence lie. Silence is violence. Silence is fake.

Where the peace stands with its exact antonyms. Silence in us is devil so it contradicts with the word peace.

The undressed society is peace at its purest where authenticity in human interactions brings just another dwarf flavour to garnish it.

Silence isn’t harmony but peace is. Stop nurturing the monster. Kill the devil out of you. Bring the fire. Let your aggression stand, speak.

The large number is underrated. Indeed its power is hidden forcefully just because of the monstrous silence is proclaimed as peace!

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