why i wanderlust

when i questioned your saga of glory,
i was pity for the side you prevail,
when i questioned your series of undefeated wars,
i was overwrought on the unwanted history you hide,
when i questioned the devotion & reverence you achieve,
i was sobbing for the deaths of your devotees.

i wanderlust through you,
i wanderlust beyond dimensions,
i question the sacred scriptures of millenniums,
i question the spectacular theories asserted by billions,
i have profound respect for my acceptance,
i accept my undying untainted scepticism.

i look up in stars, with naked eyes,
fill my soul with a drink of moonlight,
i drown deep inside the loop of milky way,
adoring every shade of cosmic phantom.

i gaze the limitless sky
i seek the essence of dust
i wanderlust.


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