history, fun and structures

People defend people from past. People fall under influence of words either from elders or articles or something else. The point is we rarely know what the exact history is. The simple experiment of, “how one small thing turns into next big humor when it is passed from 100 different mouths” clearly showcases that the misleading of actual event. Take a look at the pictures below.

the white represents actual event and rainbow is the passed news to the second. now this rainbow is passed to third and the loop runs till infinity.
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the second image may look same but it is representation of that guy who tells less appropriate story and usually it is the direct conclusion than that of middle stuff.

The two image above demonstrates the two possible flow of information on planet earth. The flaw in this model is occurrences of disrupts, in flow of authentic & specific information. Now this information leads to the information sets and this sets eventually forms the conclusions, inferences & interpretations among. All of them together combine to form structure of the world we live in. The “world” m referring here about, is, a social world.

We all love having short talks over history, people and events. Often people oppose others for fun, sometimes to look cool, sometimes to experience pleasure of wins but while happenings of this all, there is always probability of wrong information to convey. Such debates in family are more harmful due to presence of children. Majority of people lack curiosity & the information keeps passing to the generations. This game of history, fun & structures is unending.

Isn’t it terrifying 🙂

{ My Random Related Thoughts ⬇️}

1: #thankstoscience for making some things clear, practically where we don’t need to believe some talks/papers.

2: #thankstosocialmedia for becoming new big of mislead.

3: Yesterdays nightmare was worst. Truth is myth? The history of humans is scariest if it is not as it is.

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